Selected Work

Before you, you'll find a list of work Im most proud of- some are academic achievements, others professional. As you browse them, I  hope you consider me for your next professional collaboration!

Phi Theta Kappa College Project Fall 2021

"The College Project is designed to help your chapter develop and/or strengthen a supportive working relationship with your college administration."

Lambda Chi chose to donated 50 copies of John C Maxwell's book "The 5 Levels of Leadership" to the student body in efforts to align with EFSC's overall mission to support leadership on campus.

Our chapter promoted both PTK and the Leadership Honors course EFSC currently offers.


NSLS Better World Project Spring 2021-

Executive training graduation requirement "The capstone is a Better World project that challenges students to use their leadership training to improve their community."

My capstone project focused on environmental studies and preservation at Pine Island Conservatory Center. I personally put in over 50 volunteer hours to help with local conservation efforts. 

Phi Theta Kappa Honors in Action Project 2021-

"Honors in Action projects require you to address a need in your community that was discovered through your research and analysis into the Society’s current Honors Study Topic."

Lambda Chi chose Natural vs Constructed Environments as our theme, and we focused our research on the Indian River Lagoon. The action portion of our project will provide the student body with information on how they can get involved and directly help the IRL initiatives currently taking place in Brevard. 

Sigma Beta Delta Jacket Drive Fall 2021-

With the help of EFSC student government association, SBD was approved for a business jacket drive grant which will offer interview attire to the student body while promoting our business honor society. I was proud to be the front face of this initiative, which will promote a professional image in society.

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